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Nile Cruise aboard a comfortable Sonesta Moon Goddess

Shark’s Bay Dive Packages

7 Nights Alexandria Tour

Explore Egypt Tour

Nile and Coral Tour Package

Treasures of the Pharaoh's Package

Desert Safari Tour Package for Accessible Travelers

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Seven Sharm El Sheikh Tour Packages Including a Day Boating Trip to Raas Mohamed

Alexandria Port Package Tours: Multitude of Tour Packages Including an El Alamein Tour

Unbelievable Aswan Excursions & Tours

Hurghada, Egypt: Package, Excursion Water Tour Trips Abound In the Red Sea

An Egyptian 11-Day/10-Night Package or Excursion Tour at the Great Sand Sea

An Egyptian Christian Tour Package, Excursion is Your Destination

Cairo Tours and Exclusive Sound and Light Show Tour Package, Excursion at the Giza Pyramids

Luxor Package, Excursion Tours Including Valley of the Kings and Colossi of Memnon

Jordan and Egypt Tour: 12-Day/11-Night Package, Excursion.

Alexandria – Dahab – Cairo Tour Package

4 Nights Cruise Nile 3 Nights Lake Nasser Tour Package

6 Days 5 Nights Sharm El Sheikh Diving Package

Unbelievable Aswan Excursions & Tours: Just a Few Include a Tour of Elephantine Island and a Package Trip to a Nubian Village by Felucca

Felucca Tour of Nubian Village

You will be transported from your hotel in Aswan to the simple life of the Nubian people. You will be delighted by these hospitable people in their villages near the tip of Elephantine Island.

St. Simeon Monastery Day Tour

Opposite the southern tip of Elephantine Island sits St. Simeon Monastery. You will travel from your hotel in Aswan to the monastery, formally known as Anba Hatre. Representing the oldest of its kind in Egypt, the main Monastery church was built either during the 10th or 11th century.

St. Simeon Monastery


Tuesday Trip to Darau’s Camel Market

On Tuesdays, you will have the unique opportunity to drive from Aswan to Darau to visit the legendary Camel Market, the largest gathering of camels – called the ships of the desert – in Egypt. People from all walks of life can be seen at the market to obtain many items including relatively cheap and guaranteed healthy meat. It is a special place for foreign visitors since they also want to have first-hand experience of the Pharaonic monuments.

Tour of Kitchener Island – Botanical Island – and Agha Khan

Situated on a small granite island on the Nile – known as Kitchener or the Botanical Garden – there is a vast array of exotic species of trees and plants that have been imported from all corners of the globe. You will sail 20 minutes to the island and experience first-hand these exotic plants. The tour includes a magnificent view of the Agha Khan Mausoleum overlooking the beautiful Aswan area. Here, the 48th Imam, Mohamed Shah the Agha Khan, born in 1877 in Karachi, Pakistan, built his winter home and chose the site as his resting place.

Aga Khan

Engaging Aswan Trip to the World Famous High Dam

Providing much of the electricity and irrigation for Egypt, the famous High Dam is a must-see. It was considered a miracle of engineering when it was constructed in the 1960s. It is 364 feet tall, 3,215 feet thick and 11,811 feet long. Nearly 18 times the material used in the Great Pyramid of Cheops was used in its construction. You will have a commanding view of the huge reservoir of Lake Nassar, which was created when the dam was built. From atop the dam you will see the grand power station to the north as well as the Kalabsha temple in the south.

A Visit from Aswan to the Unfinished Obelisk

The quarries around Aswan housed quite a bit the red granite used in the construction of ancient colossi and temples. Inscriptions galore await you describing many quarrying projects. In the Northern Quarry, you will see the Unfinished Obelisk that was left in the ground because of a crack was discovered during its extraction.

Isis Temple of Philae Tour

About 550 meters – or 1,800 feet – from its past home on Philae Island, the breath taking Philae temple dedicated to Isis awaits your inspection. The area around the temple was landscaped to match its original site. It had been dismantled and reassembled in its current location due to the construction of the High Dam. Exciting sanctuaries and shrines abound at the temple including the Temple of Hathor, the Temple of the Emperor Hadrian, The Vestibule of Nectanebos I, Trajan’s Kiosk (Pharaohs Bed), two pylons and a birth house all in celebration of the important deities in the Osiris and Isis myth.

Tour of Elephantine Island from Aswan

Elephantine Island, the largest near Aswan, is considered one of the most ancient sites in Egypt. There have been numerous artefacts found that date back to the pre-dynastic period. As a natural boundary between Egypt and Nubia on the first Cataract of the Nile, the island’s location was the perfect place to be in the pre-dynastic period.

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